The establishment of the university

Ajloun National Private University was established in 2009 and obtained a license by Resolution No. (1/2008) dated 5/1/2008 and General Accreditation by Resolution No. (25/1/2008) dated (5/10/2009). Since its establishment, it has sought to be an active partner in national and regional efforts to improve the quality of university education and provide a university environment that is committed to providing the best means of freedom and creativity, attracting qualified 

students for university education from Jordan and neighboring and foreign countries and providing sufficient opportunity for these students to interact with the local, regional and international community.

From the very beginning of its establishment, the university has taken it upon itself to prepare a generation of young people who are able to accomplish their responsibility for the challenges that society may face through its systematic and extracurricular activities.

In confirmation of all the above, the university will concentrate on scientific research, participate in specialized scientific and literary conferences and encourage outstanding students with material and moral incentives.

Since its establishment, the university has realized that improving the quality of education is one of the pillars that help develop the education system that relates to a range of elements, the most important of which are:University students, faculty members, scientific subjects, laboratories, computer centers, and classrooms. Moreover,  paying attention to the quality of educational administration, especially in light of the changes that the world is experiencing at various levels and performing its mission in terms of teaching, scientific research and development, and graduat students who believe in an Arab-Islamic humanitarian mission who serve their nation and their country.

In addition to achieving the educational goals for which the university was founded, it has developed a multi-dimensional future vision based on interaction and communication with community members and institutions, related to reality, diagnosing its problems, helping to find appropriate solutions, and contributing to meeting its needs and development.

The university is also working to be a partner with the government and the private sector in the development process and to achieve the desired hopes.

The university will be committed to implementing safety measures and providing university facilities that are free from any risks that may cause harm to students through the permanent maintenance of university facilities and the necessary measures to prevent students from the risk of disasters and road accidents.

University website

Ajloun National Private University is characterized by its attractive location to the north of Ajloun .It is in the middle of areas in the governorates of Irbid and Jerash. It is surrounded by forests of pine and oak trees and beautiful landscapes. It also has a beautiful view that shows the splendor of the landscape and the fragrance of Islamic cultural history in surrounding areas such as the mountains of Palestine and Syria and the outskirts of Horan plains. The location of the university will also make it a healthy environment suitable for the educational process and a destination for investment and tourism globally and locally  that will improve the standard of living, prosperity and welfare of the community within the framework of local development. It will constitute a qualitative increase for the region that extends to various social, health, service and educational aspects. It also confirms the concern for communication between these governorates and with people.

Since the university center is located in northern Jordan in the middle of areas of Ajloun, Jerash and Irbid governorates and is in urgent  need of development , the university will seek to interact with all governmental and non-governmental groups   in order to achieve development for the region with which it interacts.

The university location  will play a major role in attracting students at the local and Arab levels in the various specializations currently offered , which the university will work to offer them in the coming semesters.