Computer center

Computer center

The Computer Center is one of the most important centers in the university. It is concerned with providing computing services to faculties, academic departments, administrative departments, as well as the local community.

It has several missions such as maintaining and preparing the internal network and equipment, maintaining databases, financial programs, admission and registration programs, and taking backup copies of them. As it also provides important services such as Internet, e-mail, electronic exams, university website.

These services are considered as an essential service for the university. The center strives to cope with new access technologies.

Director of the Computer Center

Dr.Zahi Abu Sarhan


Offer and provide state the of art e-services, applications, and solutions according to International IT standards. to reach a prominent position among universities at the regional and global levels.



The center seeks to offer and provide state of the art e-services, applications, and solutions, that fulfill students and staff needs, and serve the academic and administrative work, in a secure, stable, and highly availability manner. In order to achieve university’s goals in improving the level of education, in addition to spreading computer culture through training programs provided to employees and students and for the local community. 

Strategic goals

1. Automation of all university systems.

2- Providing technical support to all faculties and departments.

3. Strengthen and expand the computer network infrastructure.

4- Continuous updating of the university website.

5- Using computers and technology as a basic work tool in completing all work.