Deanship of Student Affairs

Deanship of Student Affairs

Dean of Student Affairs: 

Dr. Reem Abdullah Al-Kinani

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Ajloun National University was established since the foundation of the university in 2009, and it occupied a distinguished and effective position due to the nature of the responsibilities entrusted to it and the tasks it carries out to serve students and coordinate their university life in various cultural, scientific, social, literary, artistic and sports fields.The deanship has taken upon itself the care and attention of the university student  throughout their studies according to an educational vision that is concerned with providing the best environment for students to develop their talents, practice their activities and highlight their creative energies with the aim of completing the other side of the student’s personality and preparing them to be qualified for an active leadership role in their community.


Excellence and leadership in student activities and services.




Building the student’s personality in a way that invests his/her time inside and outside the university through various activities, supporting scientific talents in all aspects and providing the means to achieve them.

Strategic Goals

Taking care of student affairs at the university, following up on their issues and helping to solve their problems.Supervising aspects of non-academic student activities, supporting and directing various student activities.Taking care of the student’s personality and working on refining, developing and nurturing itProviding health care to students.The Deanship of Student Affairs implements these goals through the following departments First: Student Services Department:This department sponsors all services that facilitate students’ university life, including:Public services, which are:Issuing good conduct certificates.Guidance of new students.Transportation: The Deanship follows up, secures and facilitates the transportation of students.Restaurant: The university provides a cafeteria to serve meals, and a canteen that provides drinks at moderate prices. Second: The Department of Cultural, Social and Scientific ActivitiesIt is responsible for documenting communication with graduates, organizing their data electronically, issuing the yearbook for graduates, and monitoring websitesEstablishing cultural and scientific clubs:Thought and Dialogue ClubEnglish clubArt and Theater ClubEnvironment ClubCarrying out cultural competitions at the level of university facultiesOrganizing seminars, lectures and study days on various topics.Organizing various exhibitions.Encouraging students’ creativity (theatre, drawing, poetry, story, calligraphy).  Third: Department of Sports Activities:Creating teams representing the colleges and departments of the university.Participating in various university tournaments.Participating in national sports gatherings.Organizing sports tournaments in various sports between the faculties and departments of the university.Encouraging women’s sports.Organizing courses and friendly meetings and hosting some universities in order to exchange experiences.