Public Relations Department

Public Relations Department


The public relations department implements media procedures related to the University’s activities, such as public lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, and visits, among others, and works to provide a clear picture of the University’s progress, strengthen the University’s relations with the community, and follow up on what is published about it in various media in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities.

Department manager:

Amani  Twalbah



The University’s public relations and media department seeks to establish a good rebutation and create a positive mental picture about the University in all the community layers (individuals and institutions), gain their credibility and trust, and seek to achieve the highest levels of belonging to the University by all of its employees.


Extending a bridge of communication, internal and external, introducing the university, its faculties, activities, and its various achievements to all layers and groups of society, and the various media, and enhancing the work environment that stimulates creativity, excellence, and idealism, and creating a family atmosphere, and spreading the spirit of friendship and brotherhood among the workers within University, and contributing to the organization of events at the highest levels of quality, and dealing  with means and techniques of communication and renewable information.

Strategic objectives:

1-communicating the University’s mission and vision to the surrounding community.

2-attracting new students both locally and globally.

3-Marketing the University in the appropriate manner and style for the target audiences.

4-documenting and monitoring all activities on and off campus with news and images.

5-obtaining feedback and comments on all marketing events.

6- Gaining the affection  of the surrounding communities by supporting healthy human relations.

7-Enhancing the concepts of loyalty and giving to the university.

8-expanding collaboration with civil society aspects, influencing it, and sustaining continuity.