Supplies Department

Supplies Department

It is the vital artery, which bears the responsibility of providing the university departments and its affiliated colleges with all their needs and requirements of construction materials, educational supplies. Devices, equipment and tools. Drugs and spare parts for buses. Stationery and publications for various fields and specializations in appropriate quantities and at the right time, taking into account the quality and the lowest prices, and within the required specifications, and in coordination with the competent authorities in the university, and it secures the requirements through purchasing from companies and contractors, within the approved purchasing mechanism and according to the Supplies and Works System No. 5 of 2009. The department implements the university’s policy of development and modernization in the field of academic and administrative work and community service through the development of the department’s work according to advanced modern systems that are easy to deal with and keeping up with everything new that helps develop the educational and administrative process in the university.

Ahmed zaareer

Supplies Department Manager



The Supplies Department is to be distinguished by accommodating the demands of the University’s departments, colleges, and departments while achieving the greatest levels of development and accuracy in the responsibilities allocated to it.


Working to provide all supplies and accessories of the university’s various colleges and departments at the appropriate time, with the appropriate quality and price, through local procurement via tenders or direct purchases, within the guidelines of the university’s supply system, to integrate with all colleges and departments, and to contribute to the development of the educational process in a consistent manner.

Strategic Objectives

1- Keeping pace with the best work and storage programs and purchasing methods to preserve the university’s assets.

2- Securing all the needs of departments and colleges at the university.

3-Controling the purchase and storage operations to reduce waste and material buildup or obsolescence.

4-organizing the processes for accepting materials sent to the University once they have been checked and confirmed for quantity and conformity with the requisite requirements.

5- Ensuring the best quality when purchasing various materials at the best prices.