Department of Psychological and Educational Counseling

Department of Psychological and Educational Counseling


The Department of Psychological Counseling at Ajloun National University aspires to be a pioneer at the national level in university education, where a group of undergraduate students cooperate closely with a group of faculty members to learn the scientific principles of behavior and mental and psychological processes, to achieve great progress and contributions to counseling psychology, to produce Professional people serving local, national and global communities


The Department of Counseling Psychology is committed to excellence in undergraduate education. Faculty members and graduates are expected to be competent and ethical professionals committed to the principles of counseling psychology and its application to real-world situations. The undergraduate program provides our students with a foundation for a scientific understanding of behavior and mental and professional processes to become counselors and professional specialists providing services to children, and adults and families in a variety of health and educational environments. Our department promotes a collaborative learning environment among students and faculty, guided by the core values ​​of our university.


The psychological counseling program aims to prepare psychological counselors who facilitate the normal and optimal development of individuals, groups and relevant institutions. Teaching students psychological support strategies for individuals across different life stages, and our students are taught to use prevention, intervention, and treatment strategies to help others develop effective coping skills and respond well to their environments.The psychological counseling program enhances students’ understanding of human behavior, the ability to administer psychological assessment, facilitate behavior change and raise awareness of issues that will affect interpersonal relationships.Preparing counselors who are able to assess, diagnose, and treat individuals with simple and more complex problems in a variety of clients.Focusing on individual and cultural diversity, strengths, and developmental issues that affect individuals and how to deal with them, especially in the age of technology and modernity.As members of the Psychological Counseling Department, we aspire to learn from each other in an atmosphere of positive participation and mutual respect. We expect the program to teach our students to be supportive of all individuals, regardless of ethnic, religious, spiritual, or political backgrounds.Develop research interests in the social, psychological, and behavioral nature of individuals and organizations.

The study program

Undergraduate degree (132 credit hours).