Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Department of Arabic Language and Literature

About the Department

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature was established at Ajloun National University in the academic year 2009/2010 and includes a qualified faculty members with their specializations covering the fields of knowledge of Arabic language and literature, including different academic ranks Professor (2), Associate Professor (1), and Assistant Professor (4)

The department also offers a master’s degree in Arabic language and literature in order to provide the local, regional and international markets with outstanding scientific competencies through students who have various written and cognitive skills in the Arabic language and its various fields.

Based on the mission pursued by the department at the university. Scientific research, scientific conferences and cultural activities are given special importance. As the department prepares the capabilities in order to achieve this goal in order to raise the efficiency of faculty members.


Excellent leadership in Arabic language sciences and various literature and deepening their assimilation and use to support creative cultural production while opening up to other cultures and benefiting from their data.


Since its establishment, the Department of Arabic Language and Literature has had a clear mission to provide an educational environment capable of improving various Arabic language sciences in literature and language in teaching Arabic language and literature, and leading research and teaching.

The Department of Arabic Language is distinguished by potential to produce qualified students to the local and national community science and research.


  1. Developing language communication skills and raising the level of graduates in writing, reading, listening, speaking, dialogue, and critical skills.
  2. Develop the skill of understanding, interpretation, and criticism so that students be able to produce new knowledge formats that enrich the heritage inventory.
  3. Encouraging scientific research in language, literature and criticism by encouraging the use of modern knowledge.
  4. Enhancing the spirit of national and religious belonging among students.
  5. Strengthen scientific and cultural relations and ties with language departments in local universities.
  6. Participating in relevant seminars and conferences held in local and Arab universities.

Department outputs

  1. Reading the text correctly grammatically, syntactically, and Phonologically.
  2. Mastering the various forms of language skills in reading, writing and speaking.
  3. Studying literature (poetry and prose) and analyzing it critically.
  4. Mastering rhetorical, semantic and idiomatic skills.
  5. Participating in seminars, conferences and activities.
  6. Writing scientific research according to a scientific method.
  7. Communicate with local community institutions that are concerned with Arabic language and literature.
  8. Providing student with sources and references in Arabic language and literature.

The study program

Undergraduate degree (132 credit hours).