Department of Special Education/Learning Difficulties

Department of Special Education/Learning Difficulties


The upbringing and education of people with special needs is not based on humanitarian considerations only, but rather it is a legal right guaranteed to them by our true Islamic religion, and a legal right guaranteed to them by international conventions as well as the laws and regulations in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and accordingly the Department of Special Education sets its sights on preparing teachers Specialists, who are able to understand the rights of people with special needs and meet their needs with competence and mastery. They have the capabilities that enable them to perform their role to the fullest, taking into account recent global trends in preparing human cadres working in the field of special education. 


People with special needs can integrate and interact positively in society, and support the process of economic and civilization development that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is experiencing. However, this requires the demand to meet their needs, overcome the obstacles that may stand in their way, and provide them with the opportunity; Accordingly, the Department of Special Education at Ajloun National Private University seeks to promote this through the objectives of the department. 

Strategic Objectives

1. Preparing qualified national cadres to work in all areas of education for people with special needs.2. Providing male and female students with the applied skills and experiences necessary to work with this group in various educational environments.3. Support and encourage scientific research to improve and develop special education methods and curricula.4. Holding lectures, seminars and scientific meetings to spread awareness of the needs of this department, socially and familial wise. 5. Providing educational and scientific consultations and cooperating with social institutions that deal with children with special needs6. Community service, which takes place through:Participation in lectures, seminars, conferences, scientific meetings, and others. Providing technical advice to the relevant authorities. Participation in local and international committees.7. Establishing laboratories that serve this specialization, and carrying out frequent field visits to institutes, centers, and governmental and private social homes that include different segments of this special category of gifted, disabled, and the like, in order to deal with them closely and come up with accurate perceptions about them.8. Preparing special educational programs for each category of special education.9. Preparing the means of scientific research to take advantage of the capabilities of the gifted, directing them, and providing them with opportunities in the field of their ingenuity and excellence.10. Emphasizing the dignity of the individual and providing appropriate opportunities to develop his capabilities so that he can contribute to the renaissance of his society. 

The study program

Undergraduate degree (132 credit hours).