E-learning center

E-learning center

Dr.bajes aljunadi

Director of the E-Learning Center

Ajloun National University is considered as one of the leading universities regarding  the use of e-learning in its educational system in Jordan.

The university has been the first to choose the appropriate educational environment in the field of blended education and distance learning since 2018.

The university established an e-learning center in the academic year 2020-2021 in light of the rapid and sudden developments that occurred due to the Corona pandemic crisis. To enable the university to keep pace with the distance learning system

The center provides several services such as: organizing and managing related processes to e-learning, distance learning, and electronic exams.

The center also provides the necessary electronic learning solutions in accordance with university and higher education regulations.

Since its inception, this center has been training faculty members and providing the necessary educational material for teachers and students using the available educational platforms at the university.

The center also provides continuous technical support to teachers and students.

In addition, the center follows up and provides excellent service to faculty members and students in terms of platforms and e-learning systems.



Initiate and maintain an innovative learning environment.


Providing an electronic education system with the latest educational technologies.

Strategic goals

1. Management of electronic educational platforms.

2- Management of electronic exams.

3. Management of electronic educational content.

4. Building cognitive abilities of faculty members and students.