Control and Audit Department

Control and Audit Department

The Control and Internal Audit Unit was established at the university in 2010, directly linked to the Board of Trustees according to the amended Jordanian Universities Law of 2009. The Control and Internal Audit Unit is considered one of the important units in the university as it performs the process of auditing and monitoring the progress ofWork procedures in all concerned departments at the university in order to achieve the objectives set for the university and to improve the level of services provided.

Director of control and Audit Department



Supporting the university administration to carry out its work in the best way to achieve its goals with high efficiency.


To develop policies and achieve the goals in the Department’s work plans and programs, to provide a channel of communication between the department and other administrative units in the institution, to provide administrative and financial supervision and control, to investigate violations and complaints, and to work on the Department’s plan to achieve the goals set for the completion of the plans and policies by providing the president with reports, information and data about the actual situation in the institution for the purposes of tightening control, evaluation and accountability.

Strategic objectives :

  1. Assist senior management in formulating goals, drawing up strategic plans, public policies, and making central decisions that concern the institution as a whole.

2- Supervise the implementation of the university’s executive plan and adhere to it.

  1. Prepare periodic reports for the University Presidency and the Board of Trustees.
  2. Follow up on worker’s performance evaluations, identify and analyze administrative unit accomplishments, and endeavor to enhance performance.
  3. Conduct inspection tours of all the institution’s facilities and works and offer any relevant recommendations.

6. Conduct an initial investigation of any violations and complaints received from inside and outside the institution.

  1. Supervise the compilation of the expected budget for the Organization’s departments and human resources.

Ensure that All documentation should be audited and improved.

8. Ensure the safety of the organization’s assets and organize inventory committees.