Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law

About the College

Dean of Faculty: Dr.Ziad Mohammed Al-Wahshat

Faculty of law was established alongside the university inauguration in 2009. The faculty of Law was approved by Higher Education Council Resolution No. (221) at its thirteenth session held on 6/8/2009.

The Faculty of Law strive for providing students with culture and intellectual and legal base that enables students to practice various tasks related to law in the private and public sectors.

In order to achieve the academic mission of the Faculty of Law, master’s programs in law have been established, and the faculty hopes to establish a higher diploma program in law and business.

This contributes to the development and development of basic skills in the field of private law and business administration.

The Faculty’s dean, faculty members and students participated in many conferences, activities and competitions that took place inside and outside Jordan, which raises the name of the university and the faculty.


Striving for excellence, the College of Law aims to distinguish itself locally and regionally by applying the highest standards of legal education, scientific research, and community service.


Empowering society with graduates equipped with legal knowledge, skills, and intellectual values, having a local, regional, and international presence to face all challenges. They should possess the ability for continuous learning, foster legal scientific research according to global standards.

Strategic goals

  1. – Enriching the community with legal graduates and holders of advanced degrees in law.
  2. – Elevating the academic level of students and establishing a correct understanding of legal sciences and related fields.
  3. – Providing advanced scientific information sources for educational and research purposes.
  4. – Encouraging faculty members and students to engage in scientific research.
  5. – The College aims to develop legal awareness in the community by enhancing interaction between the institution and society.
  6. – Meeting the needs of faculty members and students with technological advancements.
  7. – Enhancing academic performance in line with local and international standards.
  8. – Disseminating a culture of knowledge, quality, and excellence in all legal science fields.
  9. – Keeping pace with developments and modernity in the field of legal studies to advance the college’s scientific research reality.
  10. – Applying quality and standards measures to improve the college’s performance and services.
  11. – Opening avenues for collaboration with international and local centers, institutions, and community organizations.