Accreditation and Quality Assurance Department

Accreditation and Quality Assurance Department

Due to the scientific and technological progress particularly in the field of Higher Education, which is considered the main element and the first foundational stone in this progress, it was necessary to sustain the quality of higher education at Jordanian universities in general and at Ajloun National University in particular, so this department was established to accommodate this need and promote the university to the highest levels.

Director of the accreditation and Quality Control Department

Dr.Ibrahim El Tahat



Upgrading the university and raising its educational level to produce a specialized student.


Providing the necessary tools and checking them so that the academic and administrative staff can perform their work easily.

Strategic objectives

1- Commitment to applying public and private accreditation standards

2-upgrading the university’s level.

3- Comprehensive and continuous review of accreditation standards.

4-Upgrading the faculty staff members.

5-providing guidance to various areas and departments.