Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

About the Faculty

Dean:Dr.Zyad shboul

I am pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering at Ajloun National University. The decision of Higher Education Council to establish the Faculty of Engineering was issued in session No. 19 in 14/6/2015. where it was approved to establish the bachelor’s programs in civil engineering and architecture.

/9/2015, accreditation commission for higher education institutions approved in session No. (28/2015) a special accreditation for the Civil Engineering Major / Bachelor’s Program with a capacity of eighty students.

The establishment of the Faculty of Engineering at Ajloun National University comes from the university’s belief in the need to develop and train manpower by committing to providing high-quality engineering education in the fields of civil engineering and architecture. The Faculty of Engineering seeks to prepare local and foreign students, to become educated and qualified human resource to make desired economic change in their societies and contribute effectively to the process of sustainable development.

The faculty of Engineering was established to provide an educational environment that stimulates excellence and creativity, a safe environment that enhances the language of dialogue, cooperation and acceptance of the other opinion among students, as it is also aims at offering a university environment that gives the students the opportunity to obtain high-quality engineering education during the period of joining the faculty. In addition to providing the students with skills outside the classroom, leading to refining their personality, developing abilities and increasing educational achievement so that after graduation they will be successful in their working life, active in their society, belonging to their country and nation.

Dear Students:

I am pleased to be the dean of this newly established Faculty, and I would like to point out that civil engineering and architecture are among the engineering desired disciplines in the local and regional labor market, and employment opportunities for them remain wide and numerous.

I would like to welcome our dear students again to the faculty of Engineering and wish you success.