Human resources department

Human resources department


 department manager

Dr. Issa Al Smadi

The Department of Administrative Affairs was established since the establishment of the university in 2009, and the department used to include the Department of Services with its various departments Maintenance and Bus Services , Telephone Exchange and General Services in the university in addition to the Health Center, and it remained on this perception until 2020, when the name was changed from the Department of Administrative Affairs to the Department of Human Resources, so that the responsibility of the department is determined by the staff section of faculty members. The administrative staff section, in addition to the Health Insurance Department and the Dispatch Department, while the Service Department has become independent and has its own functional divisions, in addition to the separation of the Health Center from Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department is one of the basic pillars of the university because it attaches importance to the human being, which development, progress, continuity and giving in humanitarian institutions depend. To use modern technological systems to save all information and data related to employees from the teaching and administrative staff , and to work on developing and updating them in the year 2022, by making qualitative additions to these systems to serve the reality of work in terms of reports, digital, descriptive, and administrative data, and professional and training records, and will continue to seek to create a computerized and constantly updated database, in addition to the complete electronic archiving process that the Department carried out for its paper assets with regard to its employees. The Department was also aware of the process of unifying the documentation of data and information for employees in general, so it introduced the approved fifty-five ISO models, to serve the nature of administrative work.



An advanced work environment that supports belonging and creativity, produces high levels of job satisfaction, and generates an appealing work environment by offering Services for workers so that all departmental tasks and services become electronic.


Attracting employees with exceptional skills, providing organized and distinguished services, working as a team, simplifying and computerizing procedures, and increasing service recipient satisfaction in order to achieve quality productivity and job security in the workplace.

Strategic Goals

  1. Creating a workplace that encourages invention and belonging, and developing an electronic work environment
  2. Attracting talented teaching and administrative cadre in order to fulfill the University’s vision, purpose, and goals, and ensuring that the recruitment process is in compliance with the job descriptions necessary to fill the roles,
  3. Easily and conveniently providing employees, academics, and administrators with services connected to the nature of human resources jobs.
  4. Developing computerized administrative and service operations, as well as computerized programs that are in harmony with current technical advancements.
  5. Improving human resource efficiency through training strategy.

5.Achieving job satisfaction for university staff, represented by a sense of belonging to the university through a code of conduct

6. Create an organizational culture based on the notion of service and the corporate work ethic.