Faculty of Business

Faculty of Business

About Faculty

Dean of the College:Dr.Mohamed Jaradat

The faculty was established by Ministry of Higher Education Council Resolution No. (221) in 6/8/2009.  It currently includes five departments offering undergraduate programs in (Islamic banks, business administration, accounting, management information systems, financial and banking sciences) and master’s programs in (Islamic banking, accounting and business administration).

All programs of the faculty have obtained special accreditation. The faculty develops study plans of programs regularly and in line with the approved plans in international and local universities. In line with the accredited fields of knowledge for the majors of administrative sciences in universities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as well as connecting the teaching process with the practical side and developing it to serve societal needs in a comprehensive manner.

The faculty of Business Administration has distinguished itself in university proficiency exams and competitive exams held for students and graduates. This is reflected in the high employment rate of graduates compared to counterparts faculties and in other local universities.

 The Faculty is concerned in establishing the concept of quality assurance through the application of quality assurance standards issued by the Accreditation Authority of Jordanian Higher Education Institutions to improve the quality of education and the quality of outputs that meet the rapid needs and requirements in the local and Arab labor markets.

The faculty also focuses on supporting and stimulating the scientific research process at the university by holding seminars, workshops, hosting specialists and holding conferences, as well as encouraging faculty members in the faculty to seek scientific research in new and innovative fields to help public and private sector organizations to achieve sustainable development and achieve leadership.

The faculty aims to increase the role of information technology by improving technological infrastructure, as well as introducing e-learning in line with the data provided by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in this regard in order to improve education services for students and ensure continuous and lasting communication with them.


Excellence and leadership in education, training, scientific research and community service in business fields.


Providing distinguished academic programs, providing students with administrative and financial skills, providing a suitable research environment for faculty members, and maximizing community service.

Strategic Objectives

In light of the department’s mission and vision, the department seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide students with the necessary knowledge and applied skills, and enable them to keep up with modern scientific developments in order to serve the goals of economic and social development.
  2. Producing specialized knowledge in the field of finance and business through outstanding scientific research.
  3. Developing the research skills of faculty members and students.
  4. Encouraging creative and pioneering projects to contribute to the development of society.
  5. Opening channels of partnership between the faculty and the business sector, allowing greater compatibility between the quality of faculty outputs and the actual and practical requirements of different jobs.