Department of History

Department of History

About the Department

The Department of History was established in 2020/2021 as part of the Faculty of Art among other  departments, namely the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, the Department of English Language and Literature, and the Department of University Requirements and Basic Sciences.

The department aims to prepare qualified graduates in history.

Studying History sciences is considered as a vital factor to understand the present and anticipate the future. Since its establishment, the department has started granting a bachelor’s degree in history. The department attracted a qualified faculty members specialized in historical periods to prepare and qualify students.




The department aspires to leadership and excellence in historical studies at the local and regional levels in building integrated knowledge among students to be an active element in building the country, its progress and advancement.


  1. Preparing qualified and trained national staff who are aware of historical events and contemporary issues.
  2. Developing research skills, criticism and analysis in the field of historical studies.
  3. Meeting the needs of society in educational, research, and cultural fields.
  4. Contributing to improving the quality of education and keeping up with development and modernization.

Department’s Goals

  1. Studying human history in order to understand the present and plan for the future.
  2. Paying attention to historical studies that serve national issues and the Arab and Islamic nations.
  3. Developing critical and analytical scientific thinking among students in historical studies.
  4. Contributing to enriching human knowledge through specialized historical studies and serious scientific research.
  5. Thegraduation of national cadres specialized in the fields of historical knowledge.
  6. Improving the educational process and developing courses
  7. Establishing national, Arab and Islamic identity, consolidating moral values through education and scientific research, and preserving the heritage of the Arab and Islamic nations.

The study program

Undergraduate degree (132 credit hours).