Water and Environment Research Center

Water and Environment Research Center

Director of the Water and Environment Research Center:Dr. Ziyad Al-Shboul

The Water and Environment Research Center was established in 2022 in response to the urgent need to reduce the impacts of climate change on limited resources, develop emergency response plans in the services provided in the field of water and environment, and preserve the environment.  The center seeks to reduce its deterioration, reduce erosion of vital systems, manage water resources, integrate smart systems in the water and environment sectors, and contribute to raising awareness and developing the capabilities of the local community in achieving sustainability.

This center was established to create an innovative environment for smart and sustainable solutions for managing water resources, managing waste, and responding to emergency conditions and closures associated with the spread of diseases and the occurrence of disasters.

The center offers many services and activities for a wide range of targeted groups, including:

Providing training courses and workshops in water and environment at all levels and categories Provide smart and sustainable solutions for water management and environmental conservation Connecting between different sectors working in the field of water and environment The plan of the center is designed in line with its strategy to activate the role of partnership in highlighting challenges, participating in solutions and responses, providing consultations and attracting donors to support applied ideas for water and environment projects.

The coordination process between partners is carried out through continuous dialogue, integrating them into the Center’s committees, taking advantage of joint experiences and efforts, building bridges of cooperation through agreements and joint research projects, and building scientific communities that try to overcome challenges and achieve development. The center also seeks to enhance partnership between relevant sectors such as tourism, agriculture, self-employment programs and researchers in environmental economics.

In addition to its research and educational activities, the center aims to raise the university on the world university rankings through international partnership, launching initiatives and attracting funding.

The center is considered as an innovative platform for young people to overcome the challenges faced by their communities in water, environment and other affected sectors, helping their communities to create jobs and get benefit from available resources in sectors such as agriculture and ecotourism.

The center is based on clear and measurable references and indicators for development, participation and social inclusion in line with the university’s strategic goals and vision.


To be a leading center in the field of water and environmental research, providing consultations, training and community service.


Serving the community and the local environment, providing data for researchers and those interested in the fields of water and environment, attracting research support and adopting environmental awareness campaigns on related topics by providing an administrative and infrastructure to launch research, studies and training through providing learning resources, equipment, examinations and specialists in the fields of environment and water.

Strategic goals

  1. Providing practical training in the fields of water, environment and climate change.
  2. Building partnerships with global centers towards achieving sustainability.
  3. Attracting donors to support special projects in environmental fields.
  4. Qualitative and quantitative excellence of scientific research and participating in conferences at the local and regional levels.
  5. Contributing to finding scientific solutions of challenges related to the water and environmental sectors.
  6. Building capacity and raising the level of knowledge among researchers and students in the fields of sustainable development.
  7. Establishing a database for research and studies related to water, environment and related issues Contributing to the development of the local community by raising awareness and education in the exploitation and conservation of resources.