Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science


Achieving academic and research excellence to support the community by providing practical solutions in the field of computer science, ensuring alignment with the needs of the job market, and adhering to both local and international quality standards.



Providing professional leaders, programmers, and researchers in computer science and computer technology, and creating an outstanding scientific and applied academic environment. This includes an advanced and evolving curriculum based on market demands and the latest research in the field of computer science. Developing human resources to ensure highly competent academic outputs that contribute to the local community with graduates equipped with skills aligned with the needs of both the local and international job markets.

Strategic goals:

  1. Training Qualified Leaders: Develop students to become qualified leaders in the field of computer science, distinguished by both technical and leadership skills.
  2. Programming Skills Development: Foster students’ programming skills, enabling them to design and develop effective software solutions.
  3. Promoting Scientific Research: Encourage faculty and students to participate in scientific research activities and advance the field of computer science.
  4. Curriculum Enhancement: Regularly improve and update the curriculum to align with technological advancements and the needs of the job market.
  5. Community Interaction Enhancement: Promote interaction with the local community and industry by providing opportunities for training and industrial collaboration.
  6. Critical Thinking Skills Development: Enhance students’ critical and analytical thinking skills in the field of computer science.
  7. Balancing Theory and Application: Aim to achieve an effective balance between providing theoretical foundations and enhancing practical experience.
  8. Improving Graduates’ Workforce Readiness: Strive to develop students’ skills and enhance their readiness to enter the workforce by integrating course content with industry needs and market demands.