Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

About the Department

The Department of Mathematics  was established at the beginning of the academic year 2015/2016 with a capacity of (88) students, where a decision was issued by theAccreditation  Commission of Higher Education Institutions by adopting this specialization with special accreditation in its session No. (27/2015) held on (2/9/2015) of the beginning of the academic year 2015/2016, and the department grants a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Mathematics is one of the applied scientific disciplines that meet the needs of the local community and the labor market in Jordan A modern teaching plan has been prepared In accordance with  accreditation and international standards.


Persistent and continuous work to develop the academic level of students and upgrading the level of education at the university and keeping pace with scientific and educational developments ,techniques and modern technology that serve the educational process and the development of the study plan for mathematics in line with the course of education.

The study program

Undergraduate degree (132 credit hours).

Postgraduate degree (33 credit hours)