Library Director's Message


Library Director: Laila Shafik Zawayda

Ajloun National University Library was established with the launch of the university in 2009. The library, along with other university facilities, seeks to effectively contribute to achieving the goals and mission of the university towards achieving the best possible services for members of the teaching , administrative staff and students. It provides all the necessary sources, periodicals and electronic information, conducts all required technical procedures and makes them available for use and provides the necessary services. The library has provided all its users with access to electronic information sources that the university participates in. It seeks to enable the university to perform its educational and research tasks as well as to serve the local community.

Through supporting and serving the educational process, it has strived to provide information sources with careful attention to the needs of faculty members and students in various faculties of the university.

The Library has an area of (1654) One-thousand six hundred and Fifty four Sauare metres .

It includes (33450) thirty-three thousand four hundred and fifty books and (24500) twenty-four thousand and five hundred titles as well as (99) ninety-nine paper periodicals in both Arabic and English Languages in all knowledge fields .

Subscribe to the books  and periodicals Database (EBSCO)which contains (192.600) one hundred ninety-two thousand six hundred titles in English and Arabic A computer lab that includes (20) twenty desktop computers .

The library adopts the classification system of the U.S. Library of Congress.

The library is open from Saturday to Wednesday to receive students, researchers and all categories of beneficiaries from 8 am until the end of official work We promise that we will do our best to continue developing information sources in various ways and means, organizing, delivering and retrieving them for dear library visitors.


Excellent library services and providing knowledge to all according to standard rules and foundations and advanced methods based on modern technology and to support research and teaching.


The library takes effective measures to become a full-fledged Information Center by planning, acquiring and providing all the necessary resources, both printed and electronic, to support the academic and research programs of the university and the community. It also coordinates with the faculty members to enable students to acquire and develop the skills necessary for academic achievement.

Strategic goals

1. Continuing to develop the library’s collections and holdings of books, periodicals and various information sources, including paper and electronic sources, in accordance with the needs of the various faculties at the university and in line with the accreditation standards of university libraries.

2. Organizing library collections with a series of technical procedures.

3. Introducing the researcher to the library and how to use its sources and search for its holdings.

4. Marketing of the library services.

5. Increasing and update the number of computers.

6. Providing library services to the researcher, including references, guidance, booking, borrowing , photocopying , printing and providing a relaxing atmosphere  for research and reading.

7. Activating community service activities.

8. Developing human resources in the library.

9. Activating the organizational structure for the development of divisions to operate the library in line with the libraries of advanced universities.

10. Visiting international, national and local exhibitions to provide the library with different sources of information.

11. Organizing the library building and expanding as needed, taking into account the application of the general standards adopted for university libraries.