Admission and Registration Department

Admission and Registration Department

The department was established since the inception of the university in 2009, and the department was provided with a computerized registration system to carry out all the work related to registering students, issuing their transcripts and documents issued by the department to students.

Director of the Admission and Registration Department

Hatem Sherida



to strive for excellence in providing the best admission and registration services for university students, according to the latest methods and technical systems and in proportion to quality standards.


to organize and update the procedures for admission and registration of university students, and to invest all the possibilities to provide the services assigned to it to the fullest.

Strategic objectives:

1-continuous updating of the website for the purposes of registering and informing students of their academic records.

2-contributing to the academic guidance of students by raising their awareness of the University’s instructions and regulations.

3-documenting students ‘ academic records and working on updating them electronically continuously.

4-improving the way of working by taking advantage of feedback from students and colleges, and completing the work with high quality.

5-overcoming the difficulties that students may face during their studies within the limits of the deanship’s tasks and powers.