Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology

About the Faculty

Dean:Dr.Bajas Al-Juneidi

Deans’s Message

The Faculty of Information Technology was established in the academic year 2010/2011.

Resolution No. (221) of the Higher Education Council at its meeting held on 6/8/2009.

Since its inception, the faculty has paid great attention to graduating qualified students in various disciplines, including computer science, software engineering, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, all of which contribute to supplying the labor market with qualified specialists in the fields of information and communication technology to ensure the achievement of the goals of local institutions in both public and private sectors.

The faculty conducts a periodic evaluation of the academic programs, which is one of the necessary mechanisms for implementing, monitoring and improving the quality of services provided in academic programs, their level of efficiency in achieving their goals and educational outcomes, and the extent to which they keep pace with developments at the global level, their suitability for the local and regional labor market and the development of the society.

In order to achieve faculty’s mission, the faculty is keen to achieve greater excellence by focusing on the applied aspects of the educational process in order to qualify students to compete in the labor market and provide them with scientific, practical and communication skills that help them to achieve their work tasks effectively, in addition to serving the community, contributing to its development, developing the local and regional technical infrastructure in the fields of information and communication technology, and creating a suitable educational environment for students and researchers.