Department of finance

Department of finance

The Department  of Finance was established in 2009 with the establishment of the university, and it is considered one of the most important administrative departments in the university, due to what it does in managing the financial affairs of the university, and it is the authority concerned with receiving university funds, collecting them and paying the financial obligations incurred therefrom, In accordance with the system and instructions issued by the internal system of the university and the law of private universities.

Finance Department Manager 

Nabila Samadi




The department of Finance seeks to achieve the university’s vision and goals in an effective and successful manner, through the optimal use of available resources and the achievement of the best results for the relevant parties.


Ensuring to attract the best cadres to implement the university’s systems and policies and apply international accounting standards in order to provide data and financial reports as accurately and quickly as possible for the relevant parties to take appropriate administrative decisions.

Strategic Goals

  1. Following up and collecting the university’s various revenues and paying the financial obligations incurred by the university as a result of its various activities.
  2. Following up and financially controlling the performance of the budget and the various activities of the university.
  3. Preparing the final accounts and financial lists so as to reflect the status of the university and its financial position.

4. Following up the implementation of the financial regulations and instructions at the university…