Al-Hanandeh Participates in Launching the Country’s Report on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Jordanian Labor Market 2022.

Dr. Feras Hnandeh, the President of Ajloun National University, participated in the launch of the country’s report on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Jordanian labor market for the year 2022 as a member of the report preparation committee. This report was launched by the Economic and Social Council, revealing the importance of analyzing the readiness of various economic sectors and directing the education system to meet the future needs of the labor market. In the context of the collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, Dr. Musa Shteiwi, the President of the Economic and Social Council, emphasized the importance of the report in analyzing the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the labor market and education.
The report indicated the public sector’s weakness in keeping pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, focusing more on theoretical aspects than sufficient attention to practical aspects, in addition to a shortage of specialized experiences and a weak relationship between the two sectors. In the context of the changing structure of the labor market, the report highlighted the necessity of using digital platforms and the impact of technology on employment opportunities, especially for women.
Dr. Feras Hnandeh emphasized the importance of continuous support for research and development at both the local and regional levels. He also pointed out the need to enhance effective partnerships between universities and leading companies in the fields of innovation and technology within the framework of promoting cooperation between the academic and private sectors. Dr. Hnandeh explained that progress in research and innovation relies heavily on providing financial and structural support, which can effectively contribute to stimulating innovative ideas and projects. He stressed the importance of developing training programs and joint workshops that bring together academic researchers and industry experts to exchange experiences and enhance mutual understanding of the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
In the context of recommendations, Dr. Hnandeh called for enhancing technical and vocational education programs to ensure the qualification of youth for the requirements of the future labor market. He emphasized the importance of activating the role of universities as central hubs for guiding and developing the skills needed for modern technology. Dr. Hnandeh also highlighted the importance of fostering entrepreneurial spirit among youth and encouraging them to establish their startups, affirming that this approach contributes to supporting the knowledge economy and enhancing the economic competitiveness of the kingdom. He further emphasized the importance of developing technological infrastructure in educational and research institutions to keep pace with modern technologies and ensure maximum benefit from the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The report called for enhancing technical and vocational education programs and encouraging the private sector to interact with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This includes focusing on facilitating business procedures, developing a framework for intellectual property protection, and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.
At the end of the meeting, participants emphasized the importance of coordinating efforts to achieve economic transformation and develop skills to cope with technological changes. They underscored the necessity of rehabilitating university graduates and strengthening the relationship between higher education institutions and the private sector.”

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The General Secretariat of the Arab Universities Union, in its twentieth meeting, announces the establishment of a center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation at Ajloun National University.

The General Secretariat of the Arab Universities Union announced the establishment of an advanced Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation Center at Ajloun National University during its twentieth meeting. In this context, HE Dr. Amro Salama, the Secretary-General of the Arab