Department of Software Engineering

Department of Software Engineering

About the Department

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Software engineering department at Ajloun National University is considered as one of the most recent academic programs at the university Ministry of Higher Education approved the establishment of this specialization on 14/6/2015. The Department of Software Engineering urges steps to achieve its goals of graduating highly experienced students in the field of information technology with knowledge in the basic principles of software engineering in order to join other universities in their higher studies or research centers in addition to their work in different companies. 

Software engineering is the core of the software construction and maintenance process as it covers topics including basic processes in the software life cycle, mathematical foundations in software engineering, analysis of requirements, software engineering methods, principles of software structuring and reuse, software quality and validity, development processes, programming, and software maintenance that graduates need to obtain more advanced professional qualifications in the future.

A teaching plan has been prepared for the software engineering program that is consistent with the standards set by the Accreditation Authority of Higher Education Institutions as well as in line with international accreditation standards.

The curriculum of the Software Engineering Program seeks to prepare students for functional areas of software engineering, software project management and software construction and integration.

So that it remains compatible with the renewed requirements in the field of the software industry.

In addition, it seeks to introduce students to these developments through theoretical and applied scientific assignments, in addition to supporting it with the subject of the research project for students expected to graduate.

The department has good teaching and educational resources such as laboratories and competent faculty members in the fields of specialization of the department, which provides a distinguished academic environment available to all students.

The department keeps up with the general trends of development in information technology.

The department encourages the faculty members to conduct research, hold specialized seminars and conferences, as well as participate in workshops and practical field training to keep them updated on the latest information technology developments.

The Department of Software Engineering aspires to become recognized in conducting research in the field of computer information systems at local, regional and international levels.


Excellence and Leadership in delivering educational and research programs and curricula in Software Engineering to serve the community at the local, regional, and international levels.


The mission of the Software Engineering Department is to prepare specialists in constructing, designing, developing, testing, and documenting software environments using standardized methodologies and modern tools. This is achieved through providing a distinguished, pioneering, and stimulating scientific, research, and applied academic environment that fosters creativity and excellence. The department is committed to generating applied research projects that meet the needs of both the local and international job markets.

Strategic goals:

  1. Prepare graduates with advanced skills in software development, covering areas such as design, implementation, testing, and documentation.
  2. Foster a deep understanding of standardized methodologies and modern tools used in the field of software engineering.
  3. Establish a rigorous academic and research environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and excellence.
  4. Provide practical, hands-on experience through applied academic projects to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world industry needs.
  5. Equip students with the ability to critically analyze, evaluate, and solve complex problems in software engineering.
  6. Ensure a comprehensive understanding of industry standards and practices, preparing graduates for successful integration into the local and international job markets.
  7. Facilitate continuous learning and professional development through exposure to emerging technologies and trends in software engineering.
  8. Contribute to applied research projects that address the evolving demands of the local and global software industry.
  9. Promote collaboration and partnerships with industry leaders, research institutions, and the broader community to enhance the impact of the department’s initiatives.
  10. Strive to maintain and enhance the department’s reputation for producing competent and sought-after professionals in the field of software engineering.”